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Wednesday 1 June 2011

No Olympic Games Tickets

Apparently all payments for Olympic Games tickets have now been taken. Did I get any? No. I’m hopeless at gambling though. I never win anything in a raffle and seemingly even when I gamble £3,500 on twenty different events I still come up with zilch. Mind you not one person at work has got any either, so perhaps it was a postcode lottery.

L drops into work for the first time this week and then drops out again to go to an audio books talk in Bilborough by a guy who dictates these books for a living and who used to be on Playschool. Gordon Griffin. No I don’t remember him either. I wonder if he’s read any Stuart McBride.

I run home, a bit. A mile and half to the bus stop and then three and a half home. It went ok.

It was a good job that I got the bus for the middle bit because I discovered that they've stone chipped the old Nottingham road, again. Why? It was fine. More fine than fine actually. What’s the logic in resurfacing that road when we have others riddled with pot holes?

So I had a lucky escape. I could have been coming along that on my best bike today if I hadn’t opted to run. When the stones are fresh, apart from getting chip blasted by passing cars, which can be very painful on the legs as well as damaging to the bike, it also renders the road gripless to a road bike. Not pleasant at all.

Now I need to remember to cycle the other way through Ilkeston tomorrow and for a few months until all the stones have gone.

MD is actually very good at dog training later.

(Wednesday 1st June)


  1. No tickets for me either. I wasn't that excited about it, but in the end put down for a few events so that if I got lucky then great, if not, well, at least I tried.

    It won't be the same, but £3,500 buys a LOT of HD telly to watch it all on...

  2. Well I didn't actually want to get £3,500 worth. I'd have been happy with one £20 ticket!

    I'll still go see some of the free stuff and who knows I might pick up a ticket for the Ghana v Serbia handball group game in the second ballot.