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Monday 6 June 2011

Pain At The Dentist

I’m doing a recipe for Singapore Noodles tomorrow. So the question in Sainsbury’s is do I go for e-coli ridden beansprouts or not. Obviously I’ll avoid anything German but then you do anyway don’t you, on principle. I’m sure all these health scares are generally over hyped anyway. Although I notice L hasn’t requested I pick up any cucumber this week. Then I realise that we have a tin of beansprouts in the cupboard at home. Nice safe tinned beansprouts, bought a couple of months ago. Sorted.

After work I take the dogs to the dentist. Well I go to the dentist; the dogs sit in the car and wait for me, as we’re on the way to dog class. My teeth are fine by the way, in case you’re wondering. Well I think they’re fine but I was in and out the clinic so quickly and the dentist gave them such a cursory glance and the quickest of quick prods that I’m not sure he could tell himself but at least he’s not going to inflict any pain on me. What’s that? £18? Apart from the pain of the bill that is.

(Monday 6th June)

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