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Monday 20 June 2011

Orange, Vicious And Deadly

More exam day nerves today. For L of course, Daughter seems fine.

It’s on the news that a man died during the Great North Swim on Saturday. Tragic. The cause of death is as yet unknown. It has to be said that safety procedures looked excellent with rescue boats and life guards in canoes everywhere. Even I could not have drowned so you would presume some heart condition or the like was at play here.

As I drive back from dog class tonight I get a ‘distress text’ from L ‘There's a massive spider watching me in the kitchen’. An exaggeration obviously but I tell her to keep it cornered, as I'm rushing to her aid on my white horse. Well in the car anyway. ‘It's orange, vicious and deadly’. Sounds foreign. She thinks I brought it home with the bananas. It’s probably just on holiday.

I get home and see that he is indeed quite a big b******. I scoop him up in a tissue and take him outside. I was going to release him into the wild e.g. Nottingham, then on seconds thoughts I consider that he might make a run for it back inside. So I humanely euthanize him.

(Monday 20th June)

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