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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Back On The Old Wheels

Back on the old wheels today and I must say they’ve done a very good job with it. Rides like a dream, albeit not quite as good a dream as my best bike.

L’s got a race tonight, the Beeston 5 miler. I’m not doing it; I have dogs to train. This means she has to get herself there, straight from work, which often delays her. She threatens to get a taxi out of petty cash if work causes her to be running late. Her boss gives her a lift.

She’s got competition tonight, in the shape of the mother of one of Daughter’s friends and about 150 others of course. L is worried and even takes an energy bar with her. Blimey, she is taking it seriously. Apparently the woman’s got a profile on Runners World. So, hasn’t everyone? Apparently not. Perhaps it’s just me then. L says that if she doesn't beat her she'll drown herself. That’s what I like. Incentive.

Dog training goes well; both MD and Doggo get to train. We try out some new manoeuvres. People are always trying to do things differently, not that I’m sure it helps. As it confuses me, it must confuse the dogs and in Doggo’s case it’s certainly a case of trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

L’s run goes well and she wins her personal battle. I had every faith.

(Wednesday 8th June)

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