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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Team Going To Fail

On the bike today and somehow I managed to keep the legs turning all the way here. It wasn’t easy though. I hoped it would act as a loosener of the old limbs. It didn’t seem to work.

I like the second week of Wimbledon; in fact I actually prefer watching the doubles. I mean in the women's you get four for the price of two, don’t you. Strangely you'd have thought you'd get double the grunting but no, they seem to manage to restrain themselves when there's the risk of putting their partner off.

Then there’s the mixed and a possibility of a mini domestic on court, although Novak Djokovic managed a domestic with his racquet the other day without the aid of a partner. The mixed also gives the chance to see who the latest babe to share a court with Jamie Murray is. He certainly likes to play the field on that front. His brother may get the tennis headlines but he’s probably just happy getting the girls. He’s teamed up with a fetching Czech born Aussie this year.

It’s also the debut of Team Going To Fail tonight, in the pub quiz at the Old Bell. The quintet with the task of carrying off the honours is L and I plus Daughter and two of her fellow A Level students. So it’s in the bag really with that line up. The only problem, four rounds of questions, on books, films, music and a picture round.

I was confident about the music round until 6 out of the 10 questions turn out to be lyrics questions. Can't do them. Ironically '20th Century Boy' has been going around my head ever since but I didn't get it at the time.

All the same, we excel and come 2nd. 2nd bottom that is, by one point. It was close.

(Wednesday 29th June)

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