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Monday, 27 June 2011

Poetic Justice

We have our favourite difficult customer up from Norfolk today, so I keep my head down. With any luck the meeting with him shouldn’t need me to get involved. Fingers crossed.

After birthday celebrations and cocktails in London, L’s liver announces that it’s putting its feet up for a few days. That easy for her to say, she doesn’t have a difficult customer up from Norfolk in the office but also her boss isn’t in yet either. So her liver might change its mind later.

L sends me a CV. Ah. This could be a sign of a bad day at the office after all, but no, it's not hers. It's Son’s but she's written it. She's determined to get him a job this summer. When he’s finished celebrating that is. His hall rather bizarrely won a free drinks session for being the most energy efficient hall. Hmmm... students... energy efficient...??? Unless you class staying in bed until lunchtime as being energy efficient.

At Wimbledon there’s poetic justice for the Williams sisters who whinged the other day when they didn’t get to play on one of the two show courts. They are indulged today, after their tantrums, displacing among others former champion Maria Sharapova and world number 1 Caroline Wozniacki. Who would you rather see on centre court?

In fact the Williams sisters' games are the only women’s games on the show courts today, so everyone gets a ringside seat to see the world numbers 26 and 33 both lose in straight sets.

I survive the day without getting summoned into any meetings and head off to dog class with the boys.

(Monday 27th June)

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