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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Doubt Anyone Will Notice The Difference

In the news today... ‘Tall people more like to develop cancer’. Whatever next? Now being tall is unsafe. Tomorrow... small people more like to develop heart disease... I'm guessing here but there's bound to be something the reverse of this.

It's a day for stupid articles...'Treadmill shows medieval armour influenced battles'

Researchers always suspected the armour would have been tough to wear.

No kidding! Really? So the lesson is, don't go for a run on the treadmill in a suit of armour. I think we could have worked that one out on our own.

Not only do I cycle again but I’m feeling up for tennis. We’ll I’ll give it a go, the ribs are still sore but much improved. My serving might be rubbish but doubt anyone will notice any difference.

My plans are quickly thwarted. It’s the wheelchair British Open this week and they’ve booked all the courts. Perhaps they could leave out a wheelchair when they’ve done, in my current state it might help my game.

(Thursday 21st July)

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