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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dr Google

I could have cycled today but I decide to give the rib injury another day to settle. Dr Google hasn’t been very encouraging, suggesting a week is nowhere near enough recovery time. However the cycling and running forums seem to have better advice. Most cyclists seem to be back on the bike within three days, most runners are back out doing gentle running within a week, whereas everyone else is pretty much off work for a month... hmmm, but that’s society for you.

L’s threatening to throw herself in the canal, or the Sainsbury's chocolate aisle, work related stress I assume. Always looking for the positive, I recommend the canal. It sounds like a training opportunity to me and it’s got to be lower in calories.

Talking of calories... pizza tonight, way too much pizza as it happens. Not helped by the fact that Pizza Hut are now doing ‘free’ salad and I can’t say no to that, as obviously I’ve paid for it in the increased pizza prices. At least it will temper the unhealthiness of everything else but I’m stuffed now. Somehow I manage to squeeze a couple of pints of Hobgoblin in around the edges.

I get home to find that my PVR hasn't recorded today’s cycling despite the fact I’ve got the whole three weeks on ‘series link’ and it’s worked for the first ten days. Bloody technology. Yesterday’s rest day seems to have upset it. So it's the internet highlights tonight then instead.

(Tuesday 12th July)

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