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Friday, 8 July 2011

Two Shocking Words

Two shocking words from L this morning. ‘I cycled’. She did what???? Dangerous things bikes you know, just ask Bradley Wiggins. Poor guy. Absolutely soul destroying stuff. You train for a year and then one little tumble puts paid to all that preparation. You don’t get to run five miles around Colwick Park and ultimately you don’t get a final placing in the Grand Prix series. I imagine bombing out of the Tour de France with a broken collarbone is almost as bad. I’m sure he feels my pain.

Just a half day at work today followed by a couple of hours sat not moving on the M1. We divert, take the M18 and sit not moving on the A1 instead. Where did all this traffic come from? Does no one work Fridays anymore? It does genuinely seem quicker to not take time off to beat the traffic these days.

We hear that it’s raining in Wales at Wakestock but then it always rains in Wales. This is not just ordinary rain but 'sodding' rain according to Daughter. As we arrive at our destination in Yorkshire it starts to sodding rain here too but then it always rains in Yorkshire.

The rain abates; we put the tent up and head off in search of food and ale at the local pub. The boys are not allowed inside, so we find a nice cosy spot sat under shelter in the garden watching the rain fall, very romantic.

Oddly, there are not many people in the pub. You would have thought 200 caravans camped half a mile down the road would have been a boon for the local economy but we only meet one other person from the dog show, who seems to have tunnelled out of the camp to escape from his wife for a couple of hours.

(Friday 8th July)

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