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Saturday 30 July 2011

There’s Always Tomorrow

It’s a much busier day today at our show, twice as many entrants. It’s mad in fact and much hotter than yesterday. It’s also not going so well competing wise. In complete contrast to his barn storming performance yesterday, MD looks like a rank beginner this morning, either that or he’s eaten too much celebration sausage.

Things aren’t much better with Doggo. I negotiate the first eight obstacles of a very tricky course with him only to be told by the judge that the timing has failed and we’ll have to start all over again. Typical. Second time around I tie myself in a knot and fall over jump number five, eliminating us. Bugger. There were only eight clears on that course, so we’d have got rosette for sure, had I got us round.

It’s still Doggo’s day though, on a day of hard courses, which do suit him, I make him do four runs when I’d only intended to do two with him but it pays off with a 10th place towards the end of the day.

MD meanwhile amasses 55 faults over his four runs and never less than 10 in each one, despite some positive starts to some of the courses. There’s always tomorrow.

In the evening, we’re at a 30th birthday party. Yes we're hanging out with relative youngsters. As it’s a colleague from work there’s a good turnout from the office and we pretty much avoid talking shop. There’s beer too, even if it has come all the way from St. Austell and a half decent buffet. There’s also karaoke, which ensures most people are crammed into one end of the room, the other end to the karaoke, or outside. Still a pleasant evening though.

(Saturday 30th July)

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