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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Battle Cry

I cycle today and feel fit enough to return to using the hillier route via Ilkeston. I’ve almost convinced myself that I’ll be recovered enough to the run the Erewash 4 mile run on Wednesday. Almost.

L takes the car to go visit her folks and leaves me with the boys and the lawnmower. Thanks. Its best to get some distance between yourself and MD when he gets together with the lawnmower but twenty odd miles is a bit excessive. She certainly won’t be able to hear his battle cry from there, as he attacks the lawn mower. I will try and restrain the lawn mower from fighting back but there’s always the risk he might lose a whisker or more than a whisker even, an ear or his nose for instance.

Perhaps I should have suggested that she take MD with her...

The deed is soon done and MD is still intact, at least physically, if not mentally. The lawn doesn’t take as long as it used to, we have a long, brown, muddy bald patch running down the middle of it. MD’s runway and it’s also where he practices his digging. Which he’s getting very good at.

Then I cook. We have an extra guest tonight. Son has returned from Stoke where he’s been for the last four or five days, clearly he enjoyed it so much last time. Clearly he did, he’s going back again at the weekend.

(Tuesday 26th July)

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