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Monday, 4 July 2011

Intellectual Stuff

L asks how I am. I’m feeling a bit sun blasted after two days out in the open but other than that, fine. Now, did that warrant a comma? L and I were discussing commas the other day, as you do. Intellectual stuff.

I’m sure nobody takes the selection of which checkout queue to join at Sainsbury’s quite as seriously as me. Usually it comes down to who the checkout operator is. Generally I dislike pretty much all of them because mostly they delight in watching me disappear under a pile of tins, fruit, meat, vegetables etc etc as I attempt to pack everything into bags as they hurl items at me as fast as they possibly can. Then they sit there with their arms folded demanding I pay while I dig myself out from under the dog food, still with three bags worth to pack. Well tough, you’ll have to wait.

Because of this I run a league table system, awarding points for things like:- the speed they scan at (the slower the better), whether they have the second belt in operation (the nice ones don’t), whether they hold things up by chatting to the previous customer for hours, as well as general grumpiness/helpfulness etc.

It usually the male staff whom top the league, which is perhaps surprising given the fact that the female staff have an advantage in that they can obtain bonus points for attractiveness, which can help ease the trauma of shopping. The men though score better on all the other criteria and today’s chap was brilliant, straight in at number one. I bet here’s not there next week.

Tonight L says we’re going to eat American as its 4th July.... homemade burgers, salad, potato salad and corn on the cob. It all sounds good, although I’m not sure I like celebrating anything American.

I miss dog training tonight, again, for another committee meeting, although not sure why I bothered. Talk about stuck in their ways.

(Monday 4th July)

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