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Thursday 28 July 2011

Lack Of Ambition

I bike to work, then when I arrive I enter Friday’s Jägermeister 10k run and next Sunday’s Great Shakespeare 100km Ride. So I guess I must be feeling fitter.

Then I play tennis... after fuelling up on the Thursday pub trip of course. I got mash with my pie today rather than chips, so it was actually really healthy... That should power me round the tennis court.

L’s been working from home all day. With the dogs at her feet, when she’s eating that is, or when she’s sat in the garden, when they’re joined by a football or two. Such a loyal pair.

It’s been a while since Wimbledon, when I honed my game plan in front of live internet feed and I noticed that several players had actually nicked one of my favourite shots. My bounce three times just over the net shot, a shot my opponent says isn’t a proper tennis shot, a least not for anyone over the age of eight. So now I feel vindicated.

I'm happy with tonight's result, a 4-6 4-6 defeat. I would have hated to have had to play for another hour and a third set. Some folk would perhaps call that a lack of ambition.

(Thursday 28th July)

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