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Friday, 29 July 2011

Grill That Dog A Sausage

I'm off work today for the first of the three day event that is my club’s own dog agility show. This involves me spending a lot of time helping run the competition rings and somehow finding time in between to compete with both of the boys. They are both booked into eleven runs over the three days, which will be fine for MD but I might restrict Doggo to just two a day now he’s such an old hand.

Nail biting stuff to start the day. Eleven runs over three days for MD and what does he do on his very first run? He sets the quickest time. It wasn’t even a particularly smooth run but who’s complaining. We’ve just got to sit it out now, fixed crossed, waiting for everyone else to do their runs and hope no one beats his time. At home a celebration sausage is made ready and poised to go under the grill. Well it'll probably go under the grill anyway, as L's soft like that, but it's a nice image.

A couple of hours after we did our run the last dog is on the course and as a pole goes down and the judge’s hand goes up to indicate 5 faults, we know we’ve won. A win! Yay. Our first. Grill that dog a sausage.

As it was a jumping course not an agility course it’s not instant promotion to grade 4. Three jumping wins or one agility win take you up.

L confesses it was obviously the roast chicken and baked potato he had for tea last night. Hmmm. I’m surprised he could get his paws off the ground after that lot.

Not to be totally outdone there’s a nice clear round from the old hand as well but he’s out of the placings.

Then a surprise, another rosette for the Pocket Rocket. 7th in agility and that was with 5 faults. Hmmm there were only six clear rounds and we were the fastest of those with 5 faults, 2 seconds quicker than the winner! Now that nearly was a promotion winning run. It nearly required two sausages.

We celebrate some more later in the local pub, just L and I, the dogs are at home sleeping off their sausage overload and topping up their energy levels for tomorrow.

(Friday 29th July)

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