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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Mitigating Circumstances

I head into town at lunch time and drive the wrong way down a one way street. St Michael’s Lane in Derby. I claim mitigating circumstances your honour, e.g. it wasn’t there the last time I drove in this area a few months ago. It’s also only one way from half way down, so there’s no sign when you turn into it. All very confusing. I even followed someone else down it and someone followed me. Isn't that what they call collective responsibility?

As I park up and walk into town, walking past the very same street, I see two more cars do the same. A daft idea I think that clearly isn’t working.

At the vets tonight, for MD's annual MOT. Doggo wants to come to. No you don’t mate, you don’t realise where we’re going. Nor does MD, until we get there, then he tries to climb onto my knee. When that fails, he sits quivering by my side. He’s a very stressed little boy, L would say he needs chocolate.

He is examined by yet another new vet and yet another one off the same production line - young, attractive and female. Note to prospective male students, pick a veterinary science course even if you know nothing about animals, at least you’ll fail with a smile on your face.

This one’s a bit hard-nosed though and isn’t about to offer us any treats, not even to get MD to come out from behind my legs. I have to haul him round by his collar so that she can jab him in the neck.

Injury usually drives me to the gym and so it does tonight. I drop the little ‘un off at home, collect L and we both go to the Tennis Centre, where I do 20km on the gym bike and manage not to fall off it. This takes me 43 minutes, that’s 28kph average (or over 17mph), faster than I cycle to work but I’ve no idea how accurate these things are and I didn’t have to stop at any traffic lights.

(Tuesday 19th July)

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