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Friday 22 July 2011

Simply Not Fair

I head off to a dog show today without the dogs, which would be kind of a stupid thing to do if I was actually competing but I’m not, just helping set up. So I walk the boys first and check out the setting up of the Jägermeister stage that the mighty Feeder will grace on Sunday.

Then at the show I help construct six tents, build two rings and mark out a few others. Knackered now. I head home, well ready for a beer.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

L though is out, already in town with Daughter and already on the beer at 5:15. That’s simply not fair. Particularly as she proclaims it’s a rather nice dark one. This will confound the brewery ‘experts’ who reckon girls need beers designed for them that taste of lychees and are called something like Animee. Err no, not in my experience.

She’ll be half sloshed by the time I get there. I meet her in the H&H and take her for a posh curry at Mem Saab, probably the second best curry house in Nottingham, purely to sober her up. Well that’s my excuse. Then afterwards I attempt to catch up beer-wise in the Ropewalk.

(Friday 22nd July)

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