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Tuesday 21 February 2012

A Blow To The Head

The organisers of the Brighton half marathon race admit they got the distance of the course wrong. It was 'too long'. 13.42 miles to be exact. Good job we didn't get in!

They are adjusting everyone's times... how does that work then?

L says she would have just assumed she was a bit slow but then again knowing her she'd have set a PB. She likes to do that in the most unlikely of circumstances. I’d have been fine with it. If I’d set a PB it would have been just even more impressive. However if it’s just missed a PB by a few seconds...

I feel I’ve recovered enough from my minor bout of the lurgy to go for it at squash tonight. My opponent always seems to play his best when he’s not at his best, so perhaps it'll work for me.

It doesn’t work for me and it takes a blow to my head when I’m 3-0 down to improve things. Final score 3-1. Although I can feel the lump coming up rapidly and a bit of a relapse coming on.

(Tuesday 21st February)

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