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Thursday 23 February 2012

The Middle Of The Night

I don’t run today, normally I would when there’s a home match but I’m not quite fighting fit enough. Home match? You say. On a Thursday? Yep. Thanks Sky TV. I walk the boys instead, so at least L can get her fitness training in.

MD has a couple of barks. One for no reason that I could see. The other at another dog, probably because the owner was hiding it behind a parked car. Which is odd behaviour but L tells me this isn't unusual. No wonder MD barks a lot with such weirdos around.

The BBC print an intriguing article about it being unnatural to sleep for eight hours in one go. I totally agree. I always wake up in the middle of the night. L says I don't often come to bed until the middle of the night. How does she know, when she’s asleep? She also says she doesn't get up for few hours in the middle of the night as the article suggests. Which is a shame really, because if she’s was making tea or something, she could bring me one as well. I know what I like to do in the middle of the night but that’s another story.

At the match, Leicester turn out to be quite good and we’re not, obviously. They should have been four up by half time but having survived that we probably had more of the second half. Apart from when it came to actually threatening the goal that is. So 1-0 was good enough for them.

I will definitely bike tomorrow.

(Thursday 23rd February)

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