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Friday 3 February 2012

Where's Me Jumper

It was so cold this morning, that even I put an extra jumper on. Snow’s on its way. So they say. Probably even MD found it too cold to bark. Maybe. Well, maybe not. Actually, probably not. He is very resilient.

L complains about the loss of twenty minutes in the gym and the consequential reduction in box ticking, due to the sheer volume of clothing she had to remove and then reapply.

I have to apply several layers of clothing myself, just to go out to the sandwich van, which is worthwhile for yet another free sample. A chilli beef wrap, very nice heated up in the microwave. It pays to be a regular scrounger, I mean customer.

After work I run home, all the way. It's still so cold that I barely break sweat and then need a hot bath to thaw out afterwards.

Later, Millennium Night part four. During which L has the awful dilemma of not knowing how steady to go with the alcohol before a rare Saturday race this weekend. It would be awful to go totally without only for the race to be snowed off. So glad I'm spectating. Cheers.

(Friday 3rd February)

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