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Monday 13 February 2012

Treated Like A Dog

I got some very odd looks in Sainsbury’s at lunchtime, for having a trolley predominately full of fruit and veg, a sight not normally seen in Chaddesden where the supermarket is. L, the Queen of Soups, is after material for one of several soup recipes features in Runners World of all places.

They reckon one of their soups takes 35 minutes to prepare but having read several of their training plans, I know some of their ‘timings’ are a bit optimistic. 35 minutes sounds like the sort of pace they would envisage for a 10k. We’ll round it up a bit shall we.

L catches the bus over to Derby and runs to her folks’ place in Mickleover. From where I again collect her after dog class. At which MD is dreadful, we have a bit of a red mist problem or perhaps he’s just tired after his ‘tough’ weekend.

Talking of which, Carlos Tevez reckons he was treated ‘like a dog’ by Manchester City. Personally I doubt very much that his manager hand fed him two meals a day, tickled his tummy, let him curl up on his settee and sleep on the end of his bed but yes Carlos, it's a dog's life. You'll be wanting him to kick your ball for you next.

(Monday 13th February)

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