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Thursday 9 February 2012

Every Snow Cloud Has A Silver Lining

A bit of a disaster this morning as MD knocks his ball over next door and into the middle of a huge thorn bush. It’s going to be difficult to get back. We will have to mount a rescue mission sometime and get L to dangle me over the fence by my ankles or something.

MD doesn’t get on at all well with his ‘substitute’ ball. It doesn’t quite fit in his mouth, which I know is hard to believe.

I have a dog club committee meeting tonight, so I’ll probably be on the post-committee meeting double whiskies later. We have lunch in the pub where a pre-committee meeting double whisky is tempting but I resist, sticking to beer and Steak pie.

I rush home to get my stuff ready for the meeting only to be told that’s it’s been cancelled due to the forecast of heavy snow. FFS. The ‘heavy’ snow isn’t due until the early hours and it’s drizzling with sleet/rain here. Anyway it’s been forecast for days, why wait until an hour before to call it off. Where’s that double whiskey.

L texts with a consolatory offer that I can’t refuse. Cosy night in then. Every snow cloud has a silver lining.

(Thursday 9th February)

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