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Tuesday 14 February 2012

An End Of Season Affair

It seems odd that the Football League have scheduled a full set of fixtures today, Valentine’s Day. You’d have thought Wednesday would have been more sensible. It was bound to hit the attendance and does. Once upon a time we always used to play midweek games on a Wednesday. Them were the days.

L has book club, which is also attendance hit, so we’re in different places tonight. Clearly not everyone managed a romantic weekend with a dog show, a half marathon and sub-zero temperatures.

L also has the car, to amuse the dogs with a bit of boot sitting. So I bus to work and then run to my parents’ which is five miles. I probably should have got off the bus early and ran five into work as well because that is what I would have done if I’d had the car but I don’t. Too lazy I guess.

The match was awful, one of those terrible end of season affairs and it’s only February. Our season may be as good as over but you’d have thought Reading would have made more of an effort, as they are at least looking play-off bound rather than mired in mid-table like us.

Our great leader, in a surprise move, sacrificed an almost certain 0-0 by making two changes early in the second half and went to a more attacking formation. Perhaps he was sick of the constant snoring from the crowd. Second half was much better but they nicked it. L rescues me from drowning my sorrows in the pub afterwards.

(Tuesday 14th February)

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