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Friday 17 February 2012

Well Over Budget

Friday is long run day but I will see how far last night’s beer festival lets me go.

All the way as it happens, although I feel rather ill afterwards. The slight cold I was keeping under wraps seems to have taken the opportunity to become unwrapped.

Then I push L out on hers.

It’s TOTP and Dragon Tattoo night but we watch neither. TOTP didn’t seem to be on this week, so that must be another episode they’ve lost and we watched the cycling instead of Dragon Tattoo. Well worthwhile as it turned out, how good was that cycling? Two golds and a bronze on the first night. Time for a photo of a couple of girls in figure hugging Lycra I guess.

I usually cook on a Friday but we team up tonight, a bit like the above team sprinters. L leads off with a starter, whilst I take us home with the main. We break a world record too, price wise, with well over budget fresh scallops. We’re not sure whether to cook them or frame them. Then to add even more value, she adds king prawns to them. We eat like royalty in our house tonight.

(Friday 17th February)

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