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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Enjoy It While It Lasts

The sun is out and consequently the summer dresses are out. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Some may have though that summer was those ten days back in March but no, it’s popped back with a vengeance but presumably not for long. Bizarrely they’re still skiing on the slopes in Scotland.

For some reason I decide a ten mile run would be a nice idea tonight. I quickly realise what a bad idea this is as I do a loop around Pride Park before heading towards home. It’s bloody hot and I have to roll down my girlie long socks, to stop my calves exploding.

Meanwhile L is rather unhelpfully talking about stopping off at the university lake to buy an ice cream on her way home from pump class. Which is weightlifting to music I believe, which I would find distracting but each to their own.

I have a few walks during my 'run' but eventually stagger my way to 15k which isn’t too far off ten miles. I’m past counting. Every so often everyone suffers from ‘horrible run syndrome’. I think this is mine and at least it means that perhaps I've got the horrible one out of the way. They do say that the hard days are what make the easy days easy. We’ll see.

(Tuesday 22nd May)

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