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Saturday 26 May 2012

Punching Above Our Weight

It's Nottingham Dog Show this weekend in Newark and we’re there both days. The sun is really strong but thankfully there's a cooling breeze. Though I still feel the sunburn could be quite bad tonight...

MD starts off with a pretty good run. He gets his tunnels, his contacts, clears all his jumps and then comes out his weaves. There’s always something.

All his courses this weekend are for Grades 3-5 and as he’s a 3, we’re going to be attempting to punch above our weight all weekend. Whereas when shows put on Grade 1-3 courses we really should be looking for the win, here it’s more about getting round.

His next course is a particularly tough one but we make a really good fist of it. He just knocked one pole or else we'd have been clear. When I look at the times, I see that rather annoyingly the leader is two whole seconds slower than us but of course, they didn’t have a pole down.

We’re back to messing up the weaves in his last run but then good old reliable Doggo goes clear in the vets, although finishes outside the rosettes. At least we got to see Pudsey, jumping not dancing on this occasion.

I text L to enquire if we’re allowed home yet. She's glossing, as in skirting boards and stuff. Apparently they’ll be a roll of clingfilm by the door... hairs are not welcome and anything with four paws might have to suitably wrapped if it wants a roof over its head tonight. Well, I think she just means the dogs.

Having circumnavigated the house rules we have a night in with ‘the Hump’. E.g. Eurovision.

It wasn't good. Engelbert was only kept off the bottom by Norway and finished hundreds of points behind the winners, Sweden, and the Russian grannies. It's a European disappoint of the like we won't see again until, well next month, when England take to the pitch.

(Saturday 26th May)

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