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Saturday 19 May 2012

In At The Deep End

L is up before me this morning and I’ve got an early start for a dog show. What’s even odder is she’s wheeling her bike out of the garage. Then she’s swimming 41 lengths before breakfast and heading in for a Saturday shift at work. Hang on, 41 lengths... She says she got in at the deep end by mistake. How do you... never mind. It’s a council leisure centre, anything is possible.

At the dog show MD is weaving well, jumping well, getting all his contacts... it’s just the bloody tunnels. Arghhhh. L says I should buy one. I will. Tonight.

Having done a bit of work, L is now at the tennis centre, at the gym but also watching the tennis. It’s the Junior County Cup and L’s sister’s lad is in one of the teams. She embarrasses him, which is good. It’s all our jobs to embarrass our teenagers and it’s so easily done.

She tells me of the jolly short skirts and the jolly cold weather, concerned the girls will catch their deaths. Spoken like a true mother. Suddenly I have the feeling I’m in the wrong place today. That said the tournament is on again tomorrow. I quite fancy a day at the tennis.

Only one clear from five runs today, our best is a 12th, but I’m pleased with MD. He’s ran really well. What he did well, he did very well. We just need to cut out the mistakes and sort those bloody tunnels out.

We hang on for Doggo’s Vets run before we can go home. The poor old man is up last. He’s lying in 6th when we decide to leave with a few dogs left to run as the rosettes only go down to 4th.

In the evening we head out for another stab at the Brew Dog Emporium. Again nice beers only once they’ve warmed up and gone flat! After a few, well three halves of 8%ers! We move on to the Peacock where the beer comes pre-warmed and pre-flat. I’ve not been in here for years but a few months ago I heard they’d had Old Peculiar on the bar. So I thought it was worth checking to see if that was just a one off or not.

It turns out that it wasn't a once off, there it was and in very good form too. At least we get to drop down to something with a lower alcohol content. Just the 5.7% then. Funnily enough the Cobra in the Noor Jahan curry house later is the weakest drink of the night, a mere 5%. Good job we have a quiet day tomorrow, tennis apart.

(Saturday 19th May)

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