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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Now There's A Challenge

One of the longest celebrations in history ends today as L’s birthday finally arrives. The big question on everybody’s lips is whether can Son muster a card for this big occasion, preferably one with his own fair handwriting on it (e.g. not computer generated), all the way from Leamington Spa, on time and complete with the correct postage. Now there's a challenge. Which he actually delivers on, with only a slight (-ly heavy) prod from me.

L resists the temptation to walk to work backwards, despite being told that doing so burns more calories. ‘Retro walking’ as it’s known, is supposed to require extra concentration and coordination, which I don’t doubt but the fact that this burns many more calories... I do doubt.

I cycle to work, forwards. I thought that was the best way and possibly the safest. It didn't even rain on me. In fact the morning is quite warm and I feel as overdressed as a runner from Helsinki.

L’s birthday, being a significant one, makes her a bit morose and she ponders whether the reason she got a lane to herself at the pool was because it was the over 50s one... but it doesn’t stop her picking up a leaflet to see what other age related delights she’s entitled to.

For instance she could take up Chairobics if she so wished. Chairobics... Whatever next. I’m so jealous, all these perks she’s being offered. Although she'd probably get a better workout knitting.

They do have bowls on offer and I’ve always fancied taking up bowls, once I’m too decrepit to pick up a squash racquet. Not that bowls is an easy option. If my squash opponent and I took it up, it could turn nasty. I’d be coming home with larger ball imprints on my back than I do now at squash.

One problem is that all of these activities are on offer only during the daytime, so not only do you need to be over 50 but you need to be retired as well and only council employees can afford to retire that early.

Back home I trim MD’s tail and the odd patch of grass with the lawnmower. L has the delights of her book club on her birthday.

(Tuesday 8th May)

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