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Saturday 12 May 2012

A Small Park Session

L and Daughter have had a day of Dirty Dancing booked forever. I think it may have been 2010 when they booked it, they certainly thought it was for May 2011 and were quite surprised when they found out the tickets were actually for 2012. I can’t believe that these things can be booked so far in advance. If that was around here the theatre would have shutdown in the intervening period.

The theatre they’re going to is actually in Milton Keynes, now that’s dedication to the DD cause for you but it’s also convenient for L’s sister, who they’re meeting there.

So it’s an early-ish alarm call this morning, which naturally mortifies Daughter. Actually it's... err 9am. Horrific no? Daughter has stayed down here all week after dog sitting especially for this but the problem now is how to extract her from her bed after her night out last night. I suppose she can always sleep in the car or through the show if it’s not any good.

I laze in bed a bit longer, walk the boys, train MD, write the dog club’s next newsletter and have a generally chilled time. Although not as chilled as some other because I’m the only one awake here. Both dogs are collapsed in a heap in the hall. MD has totally missed his bed. All this after a small park session.

When they return later, Daughter heads straight back to Student Utopia (Sheffield), while L and I head into boring old Nottingham. We eat and drink in the Hand & Heart and then have a few more in the Ropewalk.

(Saturday 12th May)

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