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Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Quick Head And Paw Count

It’s our final day today in Helsinki and we start the day off with another huge breakfast.

Then we brave the confusing tram system to take a trip down to the main harbour.

It was even more confusing getting back because we couldn’t find the same numbered tram that we came on, going in either direction. Until we discovered that the tram changes its number midway through its journey, so the tram we arrived on was not the one we left on. If you see what I mean.

Then it’s time to head back up to the airport and return to the UK.

We arrive home to find that the dog sitter has managed to stay sane through her ordeal and, after performing a quick head and paw count, discover that we still have two dogs and yes, Doggo hasn’t chewed off one of his legs yet.

So all’s good.

(Sunday 6th May)

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