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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Fish Out Of Water

I arrive at work surprised to be alive and I’ve not even been near my bike. This morning’s bus driver was a complete maniac, he clipped the kerb at least three times.

L is a bit like a fish out of water at the moment, a girl without a challenge. Unsurprisingly she sees the answer as being in the water and is training for a long distance swim, preferably a 5k. Not that we have one booked yet and her golden rule is that it’s got to have an event t-shirt.

Actually I've got one of those already and I didn't even get my feet wet. Conveniently when the Great North Swim was cancelled in 2010, L let me have one of the t-shirts they gave her. I wear it with pride.

L takes in a pump class after work, which I think involves weights not bike tyres, although the workout is probably similar. It's all to strengthen those swimming arms. So I’ll be having to lift her pints for her come the weekend.

I run part of the way home. 14k. Not bad.

(Tuesday 15th May)

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