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Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Stint In The Sauna

Rather bizarrely I have a slight hangover this morning which is odd considering I had only 4%ers, whereas on Saturday I had nothing under 5%, several 8%’s, a much larger quantity and was absolutely fine.

L cancels her pump class tonight in order to run and doesn’t get put up against the wall and shot as squash players do if they attempt to cancel with less than 24 hours notice. Of course they aren’t trying to phase out swimming like they are with squash. A process that will be complete when the two remaining centres with courts in Nottingham are demolished (at Beechdale) and sold off (at Portland).

On the plus side Beechdale’s replacement pool is going to be a full Olympic jobbie. About time, and it looks like they’ll do it before Derby as well, putting probably a big question mark against their plans. They best get on with that velodrome now. Quick.

It may possibly be a ‘best of one’ game of squash tonight, before we collapse from the heat. My opponent even wears shorts, so it must be hot. I’m not sure what the temperature threshold is for such exhibitionism but clearly we’ve breached it.

I enjoy a rare win, in what turns out to be a best of three, 2-1. It was 'warming' up in the 4th as well, 13-13, when we had to call a halt due to someone else wanting a stint in the sauna.

He blames the on court temperature or it might have just been the trauma of the shorts but there’s nothing like a heat assisted defeat to bring on a change of sport. Needless to say, as of our next game, it's now the tennis season.

(Thursday 24th May)

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