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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Two Halves A Month

We had hoped to be competing in the ‘Classic Barrow 10’ this morning as Barrow Runners tried to revive this once popular road race. Unfortunately they failed to resurrect it, meeting a wall of safety regulations and expensive road closures that have presumably been tightened since they last ran the race in 2006. Which is a shame.

My thoughts had briefly turned to the Eyam Half Marathon. L has frequently talked of how horrific it was when she did it many years ago but has constantly refused to consider doing it again. Suggesting I’d have to get her very very drunk for her to even consider it. So I tried that but even that didn’t work. She simply reiterated that she’s sticking to two halves a month and by that she didn’t mean she’s cutting her alcohol down.

It’s all very intriguing. Can a race really be that bad? I was very tempted to find out but in the end decided I simply wasn’t fit enough yet, post injury. Next year...

Instead we visit the gym, even me. Which is conveniently situated at the tennis centre and I had promised myself a spot of tennis.

L’s concern about the girl’s skirts is misplaced. Some would say short, others would say ultra lightweight and streamlined, I imagine something with such a low drag coefficient is essential for good tennis.

(Sunday 20th May)

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