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Wednesday 9 May 2012

These Things Happen

As it was so warm yesterday and it’s much the same today, I get the cycling shorts out of the wardrobe for the first time this year. Big mistake. My humble apologies to everybody who got caught up in the downpour that started around 2.30pm and continued until way past the time I got home after a very soggy ride home from work.

Inexplicably L changes her mind about going to the gym straight from work and opts to come home for a run instead. In this rain? Really?

We go off to dog class. Only MD is training but Doggo comes along for the ride as usual, although I can’t see him even wanting a sniff around the car park in this weather. He proves me wrong and takes an age about it.

For once (and I hope this is treatable) I’ve taken a (slight) interest in Britain’s Got Talent. Only via YouTube mind. This is purely because of the girl with the dancing dog, who is also someone who we see around the agility circuit. It has to be said they’re very good and they look to have the whole thing in the bag, unless the dog lets her down in the final. These things happen, don’t they MD?

(Wednesday 9th May)

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