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Thursday 3 May 2012

Fair’s Fair

There’s a train strike today, on the day Daughter heads down from Sheffield to dog sit for the weekend but she’s such an expert on the trains now, I’m sure she’ll take it in her stride.

I type up some 'guidelines' to guide her through her weekend task. To feed and water them obviously, with a Bonio for dessert which MD will demand loudly if she forgets. Then there’s the exercise regime, kicking footballs in the garden and throwing squeaky toys is expected. I stress that there's to be no bottling out by stuffing their toys behind the curtains, in cupboards or under the settee etc, when they’re being incessantly annoying.

She'll also be required to shout at Doggo every time he scratches and to make sure something is in front of the door to the spare room, which doesn't shut properly or else he'll get himself locked in there and will try to dig himself out. it's a simple job really.

Meanwhile Nottingham votes whether to have a mayor. I’ve voted yes because the city council want us all to vote no. It’s the least I could do, they always do the opposite when I want them to do something. Fair’s fair.

I spend my lunchtime hydrating in the pub. I’m ready for anything now except squash.

After squash, it’s last orders in our usual post-match watering hole. The Globe closes on Sunday. Apparently it’s all due to a rent increase from the owners, so the current landlord is bailing out. It’s possible someone else may take it on but for now we’ll need to find a new venue.

(Thursday 3rd May)

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