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Friday 18 May 2012

Not The Place To Go Looking For It

I run home again tonight, stretching it out to nearly 16km. All good training for the world famous Benbecula Half Marathon that we have coming up. If anyone hasn't entered, I’d get in soon if you want to be assured of a place. We’ve just had our numbers through. I’m number 15, L is 14... so it's popular. Perhaps we just entered early. At least I could finish top 20.

L is running home too or ‘bloody running’ as she calls it. She loves it really.

Later we resurrect the TOTP night, which has now been joined by ‘Sounds of the 70’s’ both of which clearly demonstrate that if you wanted decent music in 1977, these were not the places to go looking for it.

(Friday 18th May)

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