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Friday 1 February 2013

Security Restraints

I take the car to work because I’m too injured to cycle and then walk into town to find a bank, I need to complete the Kendal house purchase today.

It’s been that long since I went to my branch, that when I get there I find it shut down and boarded up. I had to get my phone out and google where they had moved to.

I did try to transfer the money on line but it wouldn’t let me do such a big amount due to ‘security restraints’. Despite having logged in with two passwords and then having to do two authorisations using one of those calculator things that you put your card into.

In the branch all they ask me to do it to put my card into their own calculator thing (same as mine) and enter my pin. That’s all. No extra id required or anything. How can that be more secure?

Back home, I scoop up L from her walk back from work and whisk her off to the Derby Runner shop so that she can get some new trainers to enable her to bounce around the Alsager 5 Mile race on Sunday.

A slightly different Friday night, L has given up alcohol, temporarily I think, and therefore by proxy so have I (sort of). I can't really sit and glug a bottle of red on my own, what would folk say. It won’t do me any harm. Although on reflection, it does seem a good opportunity to dispose of a bottle of London Pride I got for Christmas. London Pride isn’t proper drinking is it? 

(Friday 1st February)

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