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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

New Challenges

A fitness instructor has started his bid to be the fastest person to run around the world. Kevin Carr reckons it’ll only take him 19 months...

L considers that as her next challenge but, as her boss is unlikely to give her that much time off, settles in the end for a mere 5000km cycling in a year. That includes the static bike in the gym.

5000.... wow... That’s 100 a week. I managed a meagre 2620km last year. So I’m going to be seriously outdone if this comes off. In the heady days of 2009 I managed 4875km, I must have been fit back then.

I do need to increase my own distances a touch I suppose, if I’m going to do this Half Ironman next year. Unfortunately the one distance I need to increase the most, is the one I don’t want to.
I have cake to fortify myself for my run tonight.

Which isn’t as nice as it looks, underneath all that shaving foam is just plain sponge. The flake was nice though.

I run 9 miles, quite a bit of it in the rain which is actually a nice change from all this sun we’ve been having.

(Wednesday 31st July)

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