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Monday 21 October 2013

43% Drop Out Rate?

My event for this Sunday, which I have left until the last minute to enter, in case another part of my body gives way, the Bosworth Duathlon is full. 100 places, all taken. The online entry asks me if I’d like to join the waiting list, along with the 42 other people already on it. I decline. I think the odds of 43% of the field dropping out by Sunday are slim. Then again... looking at the weather forecast... who knows but, considering injuries, it’s probably best to skip it.

It’s raining now, heavily. I'll need wellies if dogging is on tonight.

Just when we thought the Uni tours were over a Postgraduate Open Day appears at the University of Manchester, which appears to be top of Daughter’s list if she goes for a Masters. I ask L to pencil it lightly in her diary but get back the response that black marker pen has been used. She’s keen then, she does love a good Uni tour.

Wellies will not be required tonight, dogging has unsurprisingly been called off. It’s too wet, even in wellies.

L suggests I get a swim session in instead probably mainly so that she can scrounge a lift home, as it’s still chucking it down, but it’s actually a good idea. If they’re open.

They are and I spend the next half hour swimming ‘badly’ (open water style), meaning my arms get a good work out. It’s a good job tonight is not a beer night because I probably wouldn’t have been able to lift my pint.

(Monday 21st October)

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