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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Summit Meeting

I decide to take the bike for a spin to work today but end up spinning more than I intended and going nowhere fast. I stop and realise that both my pedals are pointing in the same direction. Not good.

In fact I can spin the right pedal crank 360 degrees and nothing happens. Luckily I’ve only gone about half a mile and can just about scoot the bike home on one pedal. Then I hop in the car instead. Yet again everything seems to be going against my training plan.

In the evening we head up to Sheffield. Daughter has summoned us to a summit meeting to discuss the pros and cons of her continuing her studies with a master’s degree. The great debate takes place in her local Wetherspoons, The Sheaf Island, because it does food until 11pm.

We need to eat late because going up to Sheffield seemed too good an opportunity to miss as regards getting in a few lengths of the 50m pool at Ponds Forge. So L and I do that first.

I swim badly, very badly. Just as I do in open water, so in that respect it was good practice. I was actually practicing the strokes I figure I need in open water. Front crawl while looking forwards and a bit of breaststroke as backup, for when that fails. Then I re-injure knee getting out.

The Sheaf Island seems to have adopted a solution to the fact that all Wetherspoons meals look the same wherever you are in the country by serving everything in the dark. That’s if you can even read the menu in the gloom. Both of us old codgers, L and I, struggle.
(Tuesday 15th October)

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