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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Taken By Surprise

I take the car to work again as we need to rush the dogs to the vets tonight. Nothing is wrong with them, it’s just the new kennels we’re putting them into insists on a kennel cough vaccination. So yes, everything is against my training schedule even the boarding kennels.

The old kennels weren’t bothered, everyone says it doesn’t work on most strains anyway and last time they had it they came back with a cough anyway.

Lunchtime is spent in the Brunswick, where there’s another long wait for food but at least they get the order right this time. Then we are trapped in the pub by the un-forecasted rain. Thanks Met Office.

I meet L at the vets, so that we can handle a dog each. The vet is surprised to see Doggo again so soon. He is surprised to see her approaching his nose with a syringe, a kennel cough vaccination goes up the nose, so he bites her. Oh dear, not good but then it was really her own fault for trying to take him and us by surprise, not giving one of us chance to grab his nose for her.

Squash is a right humdinger of a game. I really should have won but lose 3-2. Close enough for me though.

(Thursday 17th October)

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