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Thursday 10 October 2013

On The Dark Side

I take the car to work today so that I can rush home afterwards (relatively speaking as this is very traffic dependent) to spend some time with the boys before meeting L and heading off to the Nottingham Beer Festival. Usually we go early and leave early, this year we thought we adjust the strategy slightly and go later.

It’s busy but not too busy, not sure if going a bit later made that difference or not.

L is on a wine craze at the moment and heads straight for the fruit wines. A strategy she quickly rethinks when they charge her six tokens for a thimble full. Half a pint of beer is three tokens. Beer wise, I try to stay on the dark side as much as possible and also drink local wherever possible.

1. Two Towers (Birmingham) Jewellery Porter 5.0%
2. Tudor (Abergavenny) Blackrock 5.6%
3. Shotover (Oxfordshire) Oxford Porter 5.0%
4. Harthill Village Dark Hart Festival Reserve 6.5%
5. Double Top (Worksop) Madhouse 5.2%
6. Grafton (Worksop) Coco Loco 5.0%
7. Nutbrook Black Beauty 5.0%
8. Medieval (Colston Basset) Courtly Love 4.7%

1. Fruit Wine
2. Tunnel (Warwickshire) Nelson’s Column 5.2%
3. Warwickshire (Leamington) Kingmaker 5.5%
4. Sleaford Old Albert 5.0%
5. Colchester Old King Cole (third) 5.0%
6. Grafton (Worksop) Bananlicious (third) 4.5%

Again there’s a good selection of food including curries by local posh Indian restaurant Mem Saab. These are in very short supply and only the beef madras is left by the time we order. It’s good though, if lacking a little on the quantity side.

(Thursday 10th October)

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