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Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Deserving Home

Next door have removed everything living from their front garden, today they start on the back and include our apple tree in their purge. At least we get it trimmed, even if it is a rather drastic one.

Inspired by this and by the Freecycling of our excess bikes we clear out the shed.
All before we go visit Son in Leamington. Where everything bar Wetherspoons and our regular haunt the White Horse is either shut or not serving food. So we go for a curry at a place called the Hot Rock, which is very good.

We have sifted through the Freecycle replies and attempted to filter out the ones who only seem intent on getting the bikes so that they can immediately put them up on ebay. We’d like them to go to a deserving home if possible.

Having selected recipients we leave all three bikes out for collection and one person turns up just as we’re leaving. They take the wrong bike, so we have our doubts whether the other two will go but they’re both gone by the time we get back from Leamington.

(Sunday 6th October)

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