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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Disapproving Looks

I don’t cycle today because one bike is knackered and I haven’t got any lights on my posh bike, it’s looking a bit dark in both the morning and evening these days. There’s also rain forecast. Instead I will attempt a run despite a dodgy knee.

L says I looked very fit as I headed off to the bus in my running gear. I didn’t feel very fit and I'm sure my bus companions wouldn't agree with her either. They always look very disapprovingly at me and my running gear as if I'm about to murder them or worse, invite them on a run with me.

Later I go to dog training even though I haven’t booked a session but I do need to collect some money off some folk in my role as beginners’ coordinator and I’m not travelling the half hour to training and not doing a session.

Even then one of my debtors’ emails me to say he can’t make it this week and another simply doesn’t show up. Also the person who said they’d be there to pick up her club sweatshirt, isn’t. Worth the trip then. Then there are 12 people in our training session when there's supposed to be a maximum of ten. I know one of the culprits is me but who’s the other one?

(Wednesday 16th October)

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