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Saturday 12 October 2013

Naked Lasagne

Today the final outdoor dog show of the year and the weather is suitably foul to make sure no one considers arranging another one.

4th place for MD. If he hadn’t spent half an hour deciding whether going into the tunnel would be a good thing to do or not it would have been even better.

In three courses we clock up three refusals on tunnels, talk about a phobia. The judge on the first course didn’t fault us on it though and we got our fourth place. In an identical incident on our third course a different judge did fault us. I wish we all knew the rules, whoever was right.

Other than that just the one pole down, two clear rounds and two very wet feet (mine). The weather has been a touch inclement. Doggo has a faultless clear round of course.

We stay in and in preparation for tomorrow’s Leicester Half Marathon I cook pasta. Only we have no normal pasta, only lasagne sheets but I have no white sauce for the lasagne and can’t bothered to make any, so I invent a new dish which I shall call Naked Lasagne.

I was impressed with it. Basically loads of mince beef in bolognaise sauce layered between as many layers of lasagne as you can cram in, with grated cheese on top. Awesome, ready for my race now.

(Saturday 12th October)

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