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Friday 18 October 2013

Research Purposes

I take my best bike to work as the other one is ill. Very nice it was too although it did start raining just as I got into the last mile. Everything seems to be working fine on the bike after its service last week, so now I’m all set for Sunday’s Sportive.

L reports that the Canning Circus Christmas tree is now up. Oh no.

L suggests a Caribbean meal tonight and asks how I’m fixed because she wants me concoct one. I’ll give it a go.

After a bit of investigation we decide to order a Caribbean takeaway instead, purely for research purposes you understand. So that I can see what I’m trying to concoct but then the takeaway closes before I can actually click the 'checkout' button. So we order an Indian instead which isn’t something we need to research but what the hell.

(Friday 18th October)

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