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Tuesday 8 October 2013

Left In The Dark

On the bike today, the old bike that is. The other one is still being tweaked.

On the way home I head to the pool, which is packed. Things have certainly got busier on a Tuesday since they replaced Wednesday nights with the underwater cycling class. I hope it’s not a success and then we can hopefully have the Wednesday swim session back.

Wiggle have replaced the goggles I had from them that snapped as soon as I tried to use them. The replacement pair seem ok and I use them tonight, although they are rather dark. Which is my fault because I ordered a tinted lens due to being dazzled by the sun at the Great Scottish Swim. However these are so dark that I barely see where I’m going, let alone spot a decent bikini in the next lane. It’s actually a bit like swimming in murky open water... so it should be good training then.

(Tuesday 8th October)

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