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Sunday 27 October 2013

It’s A Hard Life Being A Peasant

Today we head off to visit the Warwick peasants. Hopefully to catch them in the stocks and throw fruit and vegetables at them. That’s Son and his girlfriend by the way, who are on duty at Warwick Castle.

Sadly Son has been employed on the ticket desk and isn’t dressed peasantly but is (sort of) smart. They have blagged us free tickets and we have a good day looking around the grounds, the Great Hall, the ramparts and watching the ‘Trebuchet Fireball Show’.

His girlfriend is assisting in the ‘Flight of the Eagles’ which consists of several impressive but wayward birds (feathered) not quite doing as they should and not recalling on cue. I can totally sympathise with him. I have exactly the same problem with the dogs at agility training.

Afterward we eat at the Vine in Warwick again. Unfortunately just with Son, his girlfriend is still on duty until 9pm and can’t join us. It’s a hard life being a peasant. 

(Sunday 27th October)

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