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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ganging Up On Me

L's says she’s got a naked man hobbling around her office. We don't get much of that here but then we’re not a doctor’s clinic.

Apparently there are cats opening doors now. Whether this sheds any light on Doggo managing to get himself the wrong side of the stair gate I’m not sure. Perhaps MD opens the gate for him, pushes him through and then slams it shut behind him.

I run after work... in the rain... (yes it's still raining) despite my knee still being quite sore. It aches all the way through the six or so miles I do in two bursts. Then at the start of the second section my calf cramps up. So I walk the last half a mile home during which my ankle flares up again. So all three injuries are now ganging up on me at once. Perhaps I need a break. 

(Tuesday 22nd October)

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