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Monday, 28 October 2013

A Touch Of Something

I think I must have a touch of something. A slight temperature and a bit of a headache. It’ll pass.

Apparently St Jude isn’t coming now. The storm has veered off towards Scandinavia instead. It’s a bit of a shame really; I do like a good storm.

I still can’t see dogging being on though, it’s very wet out and they’ve called a pitch inspection at 5pm. This is then delayed until 6pm. The tension mounts... not that the delay is because anything is likely to change in an hour. It’s just that no one’s been up there to have a look yet.

L is on tenter hooks, she wants to paint and doesn’t want the dogs stuck to it. So if I don’t take them dogging we’ll probably all have to sit in the garden whilst it dries. We won’t even get to watch it dry...

In the end dogging is on after a split vote, although we train ‘contacts’ rather than running around doing a full course where somebody, mostly likely me, would have ended up on their backside.

MD is his usual frustrating wayward self. I might swap him for an eagle. I think the chap at Warwick Castle yesterday had less problems. 

(Monday 28th October)

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