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Monday, 14 October 2013

Well Worth The Trip

It’s Doggo’s annual MOT at the vets tonight but MD comes along for the ride as well. This ends up with both dogs quivering side by side in terror in the back of the car as we pull into the car park.

Doggo seems remarkably keen once he realises it’s him the trip is for, I think that’s keen as in keen to get it over with. As well as his booster jab and a general check up he gets his anal glands squeezed and his testicles checked over by the young female vet. So well worth the trip. He probably thought it was his birthday.

Then for good measure he weed on her floor. Still the rebel at 12 years old. What’s that, 84 in dog years? Yeah I’d hope to get away with that at 84 as well.

Dogging is cancelled tonight, waterlogged pitch, so I try to be inventive in the kitchen instead. Garlic chicken and mushrooms with vegetable nice. I think L is impressed and will now have to try to outdo me. 

(Monday 14th October)

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